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The horseshoe shape of this stone setting is clearly visible on this panoramic view. It is also worth noting that all the stones are arranged radially, that is with their edges towards the center of the setting

Viewing Scenes

Zooming Scenes

To look around in a QuickTime VR scene, hold down the mouse button and move the pointer.

1. Place the pointer over the scene.
2. Holding the mouse button down, move the pointer in the direction desired.

You can magnify a part of a scene for closer scrutiny, or "pull back" to see a larger area. This is called zooming.

1. Place the pointer on the area you wish to zoom.
2. Press and hold Option/Shift or Control.

  • To zoom in, hold down the Option (Mac) or Shift (Win) key.
  • To zoom out, hold down the Control key.

You can move the pointer to change your view while zooming.

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