Ri Cruin

Argyll, Strathclyde
Nearest town: Lochgilphead
Nearest village: Kilmartin
Map reference: NR 826971

Ri Cruin Image There are three stone cists, with axe and boat carvings

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Ri Cruin cairn is located in the Kilmartin Valley, near Temple Wood stone circle and S of Nether Largie cairns.
    Three stone cists were exposed in this Bronze Age cairn when stones were removed from its body. Some of the cist slabs are grooved and rebated; the southern cist has axe carvings on it, and a carving which could be interpreted as a boat. Perhaps, as Aubrey Burl suggests, the boat represents a vessel to carry the dead to the other world. Appropriately, as the axe is a wood-working tool, the north cist's slabs at Ri Cruin are grooved to fit together like a wooden box.
    About 1 km (0.6 miles) SE from Ri Cruin lies Dunchraigaig cairn, on A816 road to Lochgilphead.

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