Chambered cairn
Inverness, Highland
Nearest town: Inverness
Nearest village: Cannich
Map reference: NH 383303

Corrimony Image The chamber of this cairn is now open to the sky

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This Neolithic chambered cairn is similar to those at Clava, and the visible remains are a heap of large pebbles surrounding a central burial chamber of stone with a stone-lined passageway leading to it. It is possible to enter the chamber along the passage, though the roof is low.
    The chamber is now open to the sky, so it is also possible to climb up the side of the cairn and view it from above. If you do climb on it, notice a large cup-marked stone lying on top of the mound. The cairn is surrounded by a circle of eleven stones. The cairn was excavated in 1952, and traces of a crouched burial were found inside the burial chamber.

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