Li Lolghi

Giant's Tomb
Nearest town: Olbia
Nearest village: Arzachena

Li Lolghi Image Built about 4500 years ago, this tomb is probably an evolution of dolmens in mainland Europe

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Li Lolghi is Sardinia's largest Giant's Tomb (tomba di giganti). These monuments were constructed all over the island -mainly by the nuraghi builders- from about 1900 BC until the destructive invasion by Carthage, almost a thousand years later. The first Giant's Tombs, however, could date from the second half of the 3rd millennium BC, and could have been used up to the end of the Iron Age: that is the case of Li Lolghi, a monument built in the middle Bronze Age.
    This collective burial chamber is very long, with a series of uprights and it was once covered with stones or earth. The tomb, like the Coddu Vecchiu one, features a horned semi-circular forecourt which was probably used as a meeting place for rituals. The boat shapes of the tombs' wedge ends are similar to some Minorcan monuments, while others believe the builders could have simply added the megalithic frontage and the forecourt to the older dolmen plan from mainland Europe.

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