Standing Stone
Co. Cork
Nearest town: Ardgroom
Nearest village: Ballycrovane
Map references: Map 6 C21; 24V.66.53

Ballycrovane ImageThis stone stands near one of the westernmost points of Ireland

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Just over 180m (200 yds) SE of the coastguard station at Ballycrovane's harbour, on the Beara peninsula, lies this impressive standing stone. This stone, 5.2m (17ft) high, looks almost like a piece of modern sculpture.
    The purpose of standing stones is as enigmatic as that of stone circles; some suggest that they may have marked burials, others explain them as markers along prehistoric trackways. The Ballycrovane standing stone was perhaps erected to mark one of the westernmost points of Ireland.
    An Ogham inscription, added at a much later date, reads MAQI-DECCEDDAS AVI TURANIAS ('Of the son of Deich descendant of Torainn').

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