Pierre-qui-Vire (Twisting Stone)

Standing stone
Vendée, Pays de la Loire
Nearest town: Les Sables-d'Olonne
Nearest village: Longeville-sur-Mer

Pierre qui Vire Image A legend says that this standing stone revolves on itself at midnight

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The Pierre-qui-Vire (Twisting Stone) or Russelet standing stone is a huge block of local sandstone in a field near Longeville-sur-Mer, between the D21 and the D105 roads. It is 3.8m (12.5ft) high and is the only one still upright in the Talmondais area of Vendée. According to F.Baudry, in 1862 there was an incomplete circle of lying stones around the monument. Now around the menhir there are only some stones cleared from the surrounding fields and put there by the farmers.
    A legend says that this stone, meeting point for witches and werewolves (both male and female), revolves on itself every midnight. Another story says that walkers passing nearby at night would get lost until sunrise.

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