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3 July 2010
Archwilio website maps Welsh archaeological finds

A new website, Archwilio - which means 'to explore' in Welsh - catalogues the historic environment records of Wales, allowing users to freely explore details of thousands of different archaeological sites dating back more than 100,000 years. Created using information from the four archaeological trusts of Wales, the new service is available at www.archwilio.org.uk.
     "Archwilio is the online access system to the Historic Environment Records (HER) of Wales," Emily La Trobe-Bateman, of Gwynedd Archaeological Trust, said. "The idea is to disseminate information leading to a wider understanding of our cultural heritage and historic environment."
     Currently around 100,000 individual entries are held by the four regions, which are continually updated and expanded as new information becomes available.
"It is a very exciting prospect to be able to share such a wealth of information on a database that will hopefully just grow and grow," said Marion Page, HER manager with Dyfed Archaeological Trust.
     Alun Ffred Jones, Welsh Minister for Heritage, observed: "Wales is the first country in Britain to make its archaeological records available online. Archwilio will be a tremendous asset not only for the people of Wales but also for those further afield who have an interest in the rich archaeology and cultural heritage of our country".

Sources: Wales Online (30 June 2010), WiredGov (1 July 2010)

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